How to find and get the best remote jobs for engineers

How to find (and get) the best remote jobs for engineers?

What the pandemic has shown us is that having a remote job as an engineer is possible for most of…

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Tasker accepted into Newchip Accelerator Program for Startups

Tasker Chosen for Newchip’s Global Accelerator Program

We're excited to announce that Tasker has been accepted into Newchip’s renowned global accelerator program. Designed to provide all the…

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Assessment to avoid issues with engineering resources

10 Important questions you should ask to avoid issues with engineering resources

After our previous post about the gap between hiring tech talent and getting things done, we wanted to give you…

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Hiring tech talent getting things done. The lifecycle of an engineering task

The gap between hiring tech talent and getting things done

As an engineering or R&D manager you're facing issues in resourcing (finding the right talent to work on a task) all the…

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Managing Engineers. Manager with his Engineering Team

12 Helpful tips for managing engineers (also when you aren’t one)

Congratulations, you’re now the manager of an engineer! Or maybe even a team of engineers. Every management role comes with…

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How to be a successful engineer

20 Tips to become a successful engineer

You don't just want to be a good engineer. You want to be a great engineer! So what will it…

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Female civil engineer and STEM advocate Dani Schroeder

Female Civil Engineer Dani on her Career and Being a STEM Advocate

The world needs more female civil engineers, or better said, more female engineers in general. Simple as that. Which is…

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How to become a freelance engineer. Tips for taking your first step into freelance engineering.

How to become a freelance engineer

Are you dreaming of quitting your 9 to 5 job to become a freelance engineer? You’re not alone. More and…

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Bridge Engineer Luis Duque Podcast Host and Volunteer

Bridge engineer, podcaster & volunteer: pursuing multiple passions with your engineering skills

Who says you should only use your engineering skills at work? When we learned about Luis Duque's story we were…

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Most important soft skills for engineers

The 10 most important soft skills for engineers to get hired

You might think that technical knowledge is the key to building a successful career in engineering. But as any HR…

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