How to become a freelance engineer. Tips for taking your first step into freelance engineering.

How to become a freelance engineer

Are you dreaming of quitting your 9 to 5 job to become a freelance engineer? You’re not alone. More and…

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Bridge Engineer Luis Duque Podcast Host and Volunteer

Bridge engineer, podcaster & volunteer: pursuing multiple passions with your engineering skills

Who says you should only use your engineering skills at work? When we learned about Luis Duque's story we were…

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Most important soft skills for engineers

The 10 most important soft skills for engineers to get hired

You might think that technical knowledge is the key to building a successful career in engineering. But as any HR…

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How to Attract Tech Talent - What Engineers Want in a Job

How to attract and retain the best tech talent? (It’s not about the money)

If even the big tech corporates are fighting to hire the best tech talent with attractive salaries and interesting perks,…

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interview questions for engineers - mechanical, electrical, civil engineering

The most important interview questions for engineers you should prepare for

Have you ever met anyone who enjoys job interviews? Probably not. It can be quite nerve-racking to know you have…

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How to motivate employees working from home

How to motivate employees working from home

When your company transitions to working remotely – whether it’s a deliberate choice or forced by a pandemic – it’s…

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side hustles for engineers

The best side hustles for engineers to make extra money

Who would say no to making some extra money? Whether you’re a freelance engineer, student or have a full-time job,…

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Can I work from home as a mechanical engineer

Can you work from home as a mechanical engineer?

Now that we've all been working from home for over a year, we know that working remotely is a real…

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How to increase work flexibility

How to increase work flexibility so you can do everything you want

Most of us want it, but only few of us have it: work flexibility. Being able to combine and balance…

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Angel Florez switched careers as an engineer to follow his passion

Using your engineering skills to support your true passion

Maybe you’re one of those people who as a child already knew what they wanted to be. But for many…

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