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Join the world’s largest talent platform for engineers. Tasker matches you with challenging engineering tasks for exciting high-tech clients that will boost your skills and expertise, in every stage of your career. Do what you’re great at and enjoy the freedom to work when, how and from where you want.

How Tasker works

We match engineering experts with tasks and short-term projects based on what you’re good at, your availability and personal click with the client. You’re in control when it comes to when, where and how you want to work. That’s why Tasker is the perfect place for freelance engineers looking for (remote) work as well as engineers who want to further develop their skills by working on tasks.


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In a few easy steps we want to get to know you better so we can find the perfect task for you. We don’t need your CV, just tell us what your skills and expertise are.

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Tasker offers the freelance engineers the freedom to work when you're available


Share your availability​

Update your profile with your availability. You can turn this on or off at any time and change the number of hours per week you’d like to work.​


We will find the perfect match​

Tasker checks if your profile fits any open tasks and repeats this every time there is a new task. We’ll let you know when you are a match and selected for the shortlist. It’s then up to you to decide if you’re interested and available.

Work on challenging engineering opportunities for freelance engineering experts


Get assigned to the task​

When the client chooses you from the shortlist, then the task is yours! Tasker takes care of all administration and payments.

How we do things differently

We are really excited about shaping the future of work. That’s why we don’t see ourselves as ‘just’ a digital talent platform for on-demand engineers. We enable you to challenge the norms. Enjoy the freedom to do what you’re good at, follow your passion and make an impact. 


Goodbye CV, Hello Skills Passport

We don’t believe in CVs, but we do believe in your engineering skills and expertise. It doesn’t matter where you went to school, what you look like or what your hobbies are. That’s why we ask you to create a Skills Passport when you sign up to Tasker, so we can ensure equal opportunities for all.


Perfect match​

We do the matching for you

Tasker understands a perfect match between an engineering expert and business better than anyone. That’s why you won’t find any job boards on Tasker. We do the matching instantly, so you don’t have to. When there’s a task that matches with your profile, you’ll be the first to know!



You decide who sees your profile

Why would you want to share your profile with people you don’t want to work with? The information in your Tasker profile is completely protected. We only share your profile with a company after you’ve told us that you’re interested in a task we’ve selected you for.



For engineers and operations professionals 

We only match you with interesting tasks in the high-tech industry. It’s what we do best. No matter where you are in your career, you can work on tangible challenges and opportunities. Help high-tech companies realize their vision and goals, while building your reputation and expertise. 



No need to be available all the time

We want you to work when, how and from where you want. That means you can turn your availability on and off and decide how many hours you’d like to work. Whether you’re a  freelance engineer or looking to combine your job with tasks for other companies one day a week, there’s a task for you. 

Tasks you could be working on

Whether you’re a skilled graduate or seasoned professional, you can be working on interesting tasks and projects with high-tech companies around the world.  
Liquid content measurement
Mechanical engineer

Design and implement a system that measures the liquid level in railroad containers transporting petroleum.

Packaging robot
Mechanical engineer

Put together a team and create the necessary technologies and modules for a customizable packaging robot.

Game console electronics
Electronics engineer

Create the electronics design and manufacturable layout of the PCB for a handheld game console accessory.

Engineers are loving Tasker

Don’t just take our word for it. Engineers and operations professionals are telling us every day how much they enjoy working with Tasker.
I got so much energy from working on this task
Its great to help companies with my expert knowledge
I’m finally doing what I love…on my own terms
Everyone looking for more freedom should sign up
If this is the future of work, I’m all for it!

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Do you have any questions about working with Tasker? Please check the FAQ below or our Help page to see if we can answer them directly.

What makes Tasker different from other platforms is that we don’t use job boards with available projects or tasks. Instead, we will contact you when we’ve shortlisted you for a task based on the match with the skills and expertise required.

You don’t need a lot of work experience to sign up. If you’re a graduate student in engineering or other relevant field of study, you can already work on tasks via Tasker. The challenges that companies need help with require different degrees of experience. So whether you’re finishing your education or are a seasoned professional, there’s always a task for you.


Joining Tasker is free. So sign up today!

There’s no need to be available all the time. In fact, you decide when you want to work by sharing your availability – as in the number of hours per week - in your profile.

When you sign up Tasker analyses the information you provide, resulting in a ‘skills passport’ that tells us what you are great at. We do the same with the tasks to get to the key skill sets needed to solve the issue. If your skills passport matches with the skill set needed and you’re available to complete the task in time, we will shortlist you for the task. The client makes the final decision from the shortlist.