We look small but
think big

With the Tasker team, we’re creating a solution that changes how the world thinks about and looks at work. A solution that allows people to set their own terms of where and when they want to work. To excel in what they love doing the most. And a solution that enables companies to innovate faster, because we’ll offer them access to the skills and expertise they need, whenever and for however long they need it.

Do you want to be part of the team that is shaping the future of work?

How we do things at Tasker

We are all about letting people do and enjoy what they’re good at. About designing your own future without company politics or limited thinking. So that’s also how we do things here at Tasker.
Career 01

Build on each other

We’re a team of talented people without big egos. Which means we benefit from what each of us brings to the table and we always help each other to excel.
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While shaping the future of work, we all need to be able to adapt quickly to realize our goals. We do this by constantly anticipating the needs around us and in the rest of the world.
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Nobody said changing the world was easy. But we believe we will realize our vision if we keep innovating within our constraints.
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As a small team we all contribute with new ideas that we believe in (big and small) and we won’t let go until we realize them.

Join the team

We are always looking for talent (technical or commercial) to join our team. Do you want to be one of the first 100 employees of a fast growing start-up? Don’t send us your CV, but use this form to tell us why you want to be shaping the future of work with us, and how you envision your ideal role

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