Creating a world of equal opportunities

We believe that with the power of technology we can shape the future of work where people with the same skills receive the same opportunities and have the freedom to do what they love.

We're a team of high-tech matchmakers

We built our AI-driven platform Tasker to match highly qualified technical professionals with the high-tech companies that need their expertise to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. By only focusing on the skills that matter, we eliminate all bias variables that can cause inequality.

Shaping the future of work

We like to challenge the norms. It’s your future, so why not focus on what you’re good at, finding purpose in what you do? Instead of seeing work as a 9-to-5 job, you could be working on different interesting assignments (‘tasks’). Instead of dealing with company politics, you’ll become the expert that companies around the world want to work with.   

Unlocking freedom and flexibility

We want everyone to enjoy the freedom they’re looking for. Being able to advance your career with the flexibility to handle other responsibilities or pursue different interests. Not only by helping you to find work, but by being a life-long partner throughout your career. 

Meet the team

Clemens van den Berghe
CEO and Co-founder

Clemens van den Berghe is one of the founders of Tasker, driving the company’s growth and expansion. As the founder of a boutique consultancy firm, he has spent the last 10 years matching engineers with short term work. Giving him a deep understanding of the needs and constraints of both SME companies and professionals in the high-tech industry. Prior to this he worked in business leadership roles at Philips.
Clemens holds a master’s degree in Physics, Business Administration and Economics.

Anand Ramachandran
CTO and Co-founder

Anand Ramachandran is the co-founder of Tasker. As an expert in business model innovation – including platforms and ‘X’ as a Service – and a roboticist at heart, he oversees the company’s technology development.
Before founding Tasker, he held a variety of global business leadership positions at Panasonic, Philips and IKEA.
Anand holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Information Management.

Sivakumar M.S
Head of Product

Sivakumar M.S. is Tasker’s Head of Product, driving the development of the platform Tasker with a dedication to increase engagement, monetization and growth. Prior to Tasker, he co-founded a conversational workflow automation platform company and worked in senior consulting and program management roles at KPMG and Philips.
Siv holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication.

Jacintha Verdegaal
Head of Marketing

Jacintha Verdegaal is Head of Marketing at Tasker, leading the company’s global marketing efforts to become the world’s largest AI-driven platform for engineers and high-tech companies. She has spent most of her career working in senior B2B marketing positions at technology companies, leading go-to-market activities, building brands and turning customers into global communities. Before joining Tasker, she worked in similar roles at KPN and Cisco, and technology start-ups.
Jacintha holds a master’s degree in Communication Science.