Creating a world of equal opportunities

We believe that if every engineer can work on what he or she is good at and has equal access to opportunities, we can solve every engineering challenge in the world. No talent will be wasted, and no company will be missing out because they can’t find the skills and expertise they need.

Two-sided platform driven by AI

There’s an abundance of specialized talent in the world. Every problem can be solved as long as you know how to bring together the right people. That’s why we created a two-sided talent platform that instantly connects hardware engineering tasks and projects with highly qualified engineers to deliver them. Driven by AI and with our unique Skills Passport as the foundation to make the perfect match.

Innovative matching method

We eliminated all bias variables from the matching process and focus on three aspects: What, When and Whom. What as the desired output for the client and the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver it. When does it need to be ready. And for Whom we’ve developed a method to measure the compatibility between the client and the candidate. Will they be able to work well together? Does it ‘feel right’?

Global expertise graph

Not only are we shaping the future of work and optimizing the use of talent with Tasker, we’re taking it a step further. With the validated data about both engineering talent across the globe and hardware engineering needs in the market, we’re developing a global expertise graph. One that can identify future expertise needs, forecast industry trends, and geographically map different types of expertise.

Professional freedom

When we started Tasker it was about more than connecting companies with hardware engineers. Being passionate engineers ourselves, we have one mission that is bigger than anything else: creating equal opportunities to do what you’re great at so that all engineers can have professional freedom. With our growing platform and expertise-centric community, we want to play a role in the lives of engineers around the world. Making professional freedom not a dream, but a reality.

Meet the team

Clemens van den Berghe
CEO and Co-founder

Clemens van den Berghe is one of the founders of Tasker, driving the company’s growth and expansion. As the founder of a boutique consultancy firm, he has spent the last 10 years matching engineers with short term work. Giving him a deep understanding of the needs and constraints of both SME companies and professionals in the high-tech industry. Prior to this he worked in business leadership roles at Philips.
Clemens holds a master’s degree in Physics, Business Administration and Economics.

Anand Ramachandran
CTO and Co-founder

Anand Ramachandran is the co-founder of Tasker. As an expert in business model innovation – including platforms and ‘X’ as a Service – and a roboticist at heart, he oversees the company’s technology development.
Before founding Tasker, he held a variety of global business leadership positions at Panasonic, Philips and IKEA.
Anand holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Information Management.

Sivakumar M.S
Head of Product

Sivakumar is Tasker’s Head of Product, driving the roadmap, design & development of the platform “Tasker”. Prior to Tasker, he had co-founded & led product organization in a B2B SaaS startup and worked in senior consulting roles with a Big 4 accounting & consulting firm specializing in Information Technology/Software Sector.