Hire engineers on-demand and pay for results not hours

Tasker helps you solve problems that require hardware engineering skills you don't have in-house. We take ownership of your engineering task or short-term project, match it with the best qualified engineer(s) and you only pay for results, not hours. Task to output made easy!

How Tasker works

Looking to hire engineers on-demand because your company is missing certain skills? Tasker makes it super easy to get the results you’re looking for. Instead of hiring engineers, paying them per hour with no guarantee that you’ll get the desired outcome, we take ownership of your task. Tell us about your engineering task, and we’ll get it delivered on time, on budget and on quality.


Post a Task for free

What do you need help with and when does it need to be ready? We help you to come to a clear task description that defines the desired output and necessary engineering skills and expertise.

Post your first task
Solve your hardware engineering problems by hiring engineers on-demand with Tasker


Choose from prescreened engineers

Tasker proposes 3 prescreened engineers that match perfectly with your task based on expertise, timing and budget. You choose with whom you’d like to work.


Engineer delivers output

The engineer delivers the output as agreed in the task description. You validate and accept the results and make the payment to Tasker. ​

Work with prescreened hardware engineers to solve your engineering problems

How we do things differently

With Tasker you don’t really hire engineers, you actually buy an engineering task. We take ownership of your task or short-term project (on-site or remotely) and make sure you get the exact deliverable you asked for. And because we strongly believe in paying for results, we use output-based pricing.

Hardware engineering

Specialized in the tech hardware industry

No other platform is focusing on hardware engineering like we are. Which means we have a large network of highly skilled hardware engineers from all around the world who understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve and how to get it done.


Data protection​

Sensitive information is safe with us

You don’t want your competitor to see what innovation you’re working on, do you? The information you share in your profile is completely protected. Only the candidates that are on the shortlist will get to see the task description. 


Output-based pricing

Pay for results not hours

Why hire engineers per hour without any guarantees that you’re getting what you need? That’s why we use output-based pricing. Only after validating and accepting the deliverables, you pay the agreed task price.


Perfect match

We do the matching for you

Tasker understands a perfect match between an expert and business better than anyone. That’s why you won’t find any public candidate profiles on Tasker. We do the matching instantly, so you don’t have to. When you post a task, we’ll present you with a short-list of the best prescreened candidates.



Available when you need us

As an innovative company, it’s hard to predict what skills or knowledge you’re going to need in the future. Whether it’s a small task or a more complicated project, with Tasker you always have access to the right talent whenever you need it. We’ll help you to accelerate your time to market and stay competitive. 

Find on-demand engineers with the right skills

We’re pretty confident that we can solve any engineering problem with our large global network of hardware engineering professionals. Whether the task is big or small, something standard or super innovative, we’ll have an engineering expert who can do just that!
We were instantly connected with a clinical engineer who could advise us on a topic that required expert knowledge we didn’t have in-house.
We would never have been able to finish our project in time if it weren’t for Tasker. Normally it takes so much longer to find the right talent.
Tasker matched us with experts who not only had exactly the right skills, but were also a great match with my team on a personal level.


Do you have any questions about working with Tasker? Please check the FAQ below or our Help page to see if we can answer them directly.

It's the quickest and easiest way to hire top tech talent to get your engineering work done. And because you only pay the pre-agreed price for results you've approved, there's no risk of unexpected costs or paying for hours without results.

Our specialty is hardware and firmware engineering, so we can help you with any problem or challenge in that field. Big or small. Some of our engineers are also skilled in software engineering, so we can sometimes help you with that as well.

Using our platform and posting a task is free. When you post a task you can include the budget you have available so we can try finding qualified candidates within your budget. When we introduce you to the candidates on our shortlist, we'll include the task price and that's all you pay after approving the results. There are no additional fees outside the task price.

Tasker is built for and by engineers. We understand better than anyone else what and who your company needs to solve an engineering problem. We look beyond the CV and keywords and assess the candidates before putting them on a shortlist for you to make a final decision. Second, we don't just give access to global engineering talent, we actively match you with the best candidates which will save you a lot of time. And third, we understand how sensitive your project might be. That's why we keep your information confidential and only share the task with candidates that have shown interest and are on the shortlist.

We're a lot faster. The process of finding someone can take weeks or months with a staffing agency, whereas we'll find the perfect match within few days. Plus you don't pay a high fee every time you need to get a single task done.

We find it very important to protect the privacy and confidentiality of everyone using our platform. For clients as well as engineering experts. When we match your task with a set of engineers and they are interested, we'll share their full profile with you.