Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters

When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information. We understand that this is a big responsibility and we work hard to protect your information and put you in control.
This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it and how you can update, manage, export and delete your information.

We want you to understand the types of information we collect as you use our services

We collect information to provide better services to all our users – from figuring out basic stuff such as which language you speak, to more complex things like which industry sector you would like to work in, the competences that would matter the most for you to be successfully able to design your future, or which role you may like to play in the expert communities relevant for you. The information ArtesFAST collects, and how that information is used, depends on how you use our services and how you manage your privacy controls.

When you’re not signed in to your Tasker account, we store the information that we collect with unique identifiers tied to the browser or devices that you’re using. This helps us do things such as maintain your language preferences across sessions.

When you’re signed in, we also collect information that we store with your Tasker account, which we treat as personal information. This is information that you provide to us which identifies you and / or your preferences, choices and affinities, such as your name, email address, or billing information, or other data that can be reasonably linked to such information by ArtesFAST, such as information we associate with your Tasker account.

Things you create or provide to us

When you create a Tasker account with ArtesFAST, you provide us with personal information. This is information that you provide to us which personally identifies you, such as your name, email address, location, phone number, or payment information, or other data that can be reasonably linked to such information by ArtesFAST, such as information we associate with your Tasker account (that includes your name and a password). Even if you aren’t signed up to Tasker, you might choose to provide us with information — like an email address to receive updates about our services and see if our services would be interesting to you at some point of time.

We also collect the information about the tasks you engage with using our services. This includes things like content of the tasks you deliver, the customer name, their address and contact details, task amount, task duration, follow up actions, their rating about the performance of your task delivery, your rating about the working with the customer etc.

Information we collect as you use our services

Your apps, browsers & devices

We collect information about the apps, browsers, and devices you use to access Tasker services, which helps us provide features like automatic product updates.

The information we collect includes unique identifiers. A unique identifier is a string of characters that can be used to uniquely identify a browser, app, or device. Different identifiers vary in how permanent they are, whether they can be reset by users, and how they can be accessed. Unique identifiers can be used for various purposes, including security and fraud detection, syncing services such as your message inbox, remembering your preferences, and providing personalized matches. For example, unique identifiers stored in cookies help us to match you with tasks and inform you in your preferred language. You can configure your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. It is the same as any other cookie services by popular browsers and apps like Google or Safari browser type and settings, device type and settings, operating system, mobile network information including carrier name and phone number, and application version number. We also collect information about the interaction of your apps, browsers, and devices with our services, including IP address, crash reports, system activity, and the date, time, and referrer URL of your request.

We collect this information when a Tasker service on your device contacts our servers — for example, when you install a value-added service of Tasker or when it checks for automatic updates. Your device will contact the Tasker server to provide and update this information periodically. This information includes things like your device type, carrier name, crash reports, and which Value-added services of Tasker you’ve installed.

Tasker for Engineers app on both iOS & Android shall be using as the backend engine for processing all the information supplied.  Tasker is a tradename under the business legal entity ArtesFAST  & is a registered domain of ArtesFAST 

Our activity

We collect information about your activity in our services, which we use to do things like recommend a value-added service or an Tasker community you might like. The activity information we collect may include:

  • Your skills, expertise, your experiences and projects performed
  • Tasks you have expressed interest in
  • The tasks you were shortlisted for
  • Voice and audio information when you use TASKER BOT
  • In-app purchase activity
  • Tasks you accepted & delivered
  • Activity on Tasker community and coworking or collaboration sites and apps that use our services

Your location information

We collect information about your location when you use our services, which helps us to offer features like short tasks in businesses near you or present you with a coaching opportunity to another expert near you.

Your location can be determined with varying degrees of accuracy by:

  • GPS (you need to make the choice of sharing the location with us)
  • IP address (Every device connected to the Internet is assigned a number known as an Internet protocol (IP) address. These numbers are usually assigned in geographic blocks. An IP address can often be used to identify the location from which a device is connecting to the Internet).
  • Information about things near your device, such as Wi-Fi access points, cell towers, and Bluetooth-enabled devices (If you use Location services on your device, we can improve the performance of apps that rely on your location, like Dynamic tasks, Community engagement etc. If you use Location services, your device sends information to ArtesFAST about its location, sensors (like accelerometer), and nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi access points (like MAC address and signal strength). All these things help to determine your location. You can use your device settings to enable Location services on your device.)

The types of location data we collect depend in part on your device and account settings. For example, you can turn your device’s location on or off using the device’s settings app. You can also turn on Location History if you want to create a private map of where you go with your signed-in devices.

In some circumstances, ArtesFAST also collects information about you from publicly accessible sources. (We may collect information that’s publicly available online or from other public sources to help train Tasker language models and build features like Tasker Super Users and Master Users.) For example, if your name appears in your local newspaper, Tasker may index that article and display it to other people if they search for your name. We may also collect information about you from trusted partners, including marketing partners who provide us with information about potential customers of our services, and security partners who provide us with information to protect against abuse (For example, information about security threats can help us notify you, in spite of our at most care, if we think your account has been compromised – at which point we can help you take steps to protect your account). We also receive information from research firms who provide us with research insights that maybe beneficial to you.

We use various technologies to collect and store information, including cookies, pixel tags, local storage, such as application data caches, databases, and server logs.

A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the site again, the cookie allows that site to recognize your browser. Cookies may store user preferences and other information. You can configure your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, some website features or services may not function properly without cookies.

A pixel tag is a type of technology placed on a website or within the body of an email for the purpose of tracking certain activity, such as views of a website or when an email is opened. Pixel tags are often used in combination with cookies.

An application data cache is a data repository on a device. It can, for example, enable a web application to run without an internet connection and improve the performance of the application by enabling faster loading of content.

Like most websites, our servers automatically record the page requests made when you visit our sites. These “server logs” typically include your web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request, and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser.

We use data to build better services

We use the information we collect from all our services for the following purposes:

Provide our services

We use your information to deliver our services, like processing the entry you made in your sign in page for in order to match you with best possible tasks or helping you with the right value added services.

Maintain & improve our services

We also use your information to ensure our services are working as intended, such as tracking outages or troubleshooting issues that you report to us. For example, we continuously monitor our systems to look for problems. And if we find something wrong with a specific feature, reviewing activity information collected before the problem started allows us to fix things more quickly. And we use your information to make improvements to our services — for example, understanding which skills or expertise are most frequently entered helps us improve community features used across our services. We use cookies to analyze how people interact with our services. And that analysis can help us build better products. For example, it may help us discover that it’s taking people too long to complete a certain task or that they have trouble signing up or participating in community or collaboration platforms. We can then redesign that feature and improve the product for everyone.

Develop new services

We use the information we collect in existing services to help us develop new ones. For example, understanding how people organized their availability, helped us design and launch advisory tasks for them.

Provide personalized services, including content and ads

We use the information we collect to customize our services for you, including providing recommendations, personalized content, and customized search results. For example, when you’re signed in to your Tasker account, you can obtain more relevant results that are based on your profile and activity from other Tasker services. You may also get customized match results even when you’re signed out. And ArtesFAST uses information like apps you’ve already installed and “tasks” you have worked on to suggest new tasks, communities and collaborations suiting to you.

Depending on your settings, we may also show you personalized communities based on your profile elements. For example, if your profile indicates interests in start-ups, you may see a community or collaboration proposition for realizing the idea of a start-up that is served by Tasker. You can control what information we use to show you proposals by adapting your settings.

Measure performance

We use data for analytics and measurement to understand how our services are used. For example, we analyze data about your expertise and projects delivered to do things like optimize product and service design. And we also use data about the initial matching done by the AI engine and your responses to the graphic stimuli to understand the performance of the AI and matching effectiveness. We use a variety of tools to do this, including rating by the businesses and peers.

Communicate with you

We use information that we collect, such as your email address, phone number interact with you directly. For example, we may send you a notification if we detect suspicious activity, such as an attempt to sign into your Tasker account from an unusual location or device. Or we may let you know about upcoming changes or improvements to our services. And if you contact Tasker, we’ll keep a record of your request in order to help solve any issues you might be facing.

Protect Tasker, our users and the public

We use information to help improve the safety and reliability of our services. This includes detecting, preventing, and responding to fraud, abuse, security risks and technical issues that could harm ArtesFAST, our users or the public.

Some examples of how we use your information to help keep our services safe and reliable include:

  • Collecting and analyzing IP addresses and cookie data to protect against automated abuse. This abuse takes many forms, such as sending information that is not a result of Tasker matching to your email or mobile, stealing data or censoring content by launching a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.
  • The ‘last account activity’ feature in Tasker can help you find out if and when someone accessed your profile without your knowledge. This feature shows you information about recent activity in Tasker, such as the IP addresses that accessed your profile, the associated location and the date and time of access.

We use different technologies to process your information for these purposes. We use automated systems that analyze your information to provide you with things like customized matching results, personalized value-added services or other features tailored to how you use our services. And we analyze your content to help us detect abuse such as spam, malware, and illegal content. When we detect spam, malware, illegal content and other forms of abuse on our systems in violation of our policies, we may disable your account or take other appropriate action. In certain circumstances, we may also report the violation to appropriate authorities. We also use algorithms to recognize patterns in data.

We may combine the information we collect among our services and across your devices for the purposes described above. For example, if you participate or interact with the collaboration platform in Tasker, you might see tasks in similar business (start-ups etc.) that uses our products. Some examples of how we combine the information we collect include:

  • When you’re signed into your Tasker account, you can see tasks matched to you, along with relevant information on improving your profile, such as upgrading yourselves with additional skills and how could you do it. This can include things such as the status of your upcoming tasks, tasks pending your acceptance, tasks pending acceptance of businesses etc.
  • The Tasker app can use data that you have stored in other Tasker products to show you personalized content, depending on your settings. For example, if you have participated in a community or skills upgrading program, the Tasker app can show you information about your interests, for example more opportunities to participate in collaboration platforms in Tasker.

Depending on your account settings, your activity on other ArtesFAST sites and apps may be associated with your personal information in order to improve ArtesFAST’s services.

If other users already have your email address or other information that identifies you, we may show them your publicly visible information, such as your name and photo. For example, this helps people identify an communication coming from you.

We’ll ask for your consent before using your information for a purpose that isn’t covered in this Privacy Policy.

Your privacy controls

You have choices regarding the information we collect and how it’s used

This section describes key controls for managing your privacy across our services. In addition to these tools, we also offer specific privacy settings in our products.

Managing, reviewing, and updating your information

When you’re signed in, you can always review and update information by visiting the services you use. For example, tasks and skills are both designed to help you manage specific types of expertise that you’ve saved with Tasker.

We also built a place for you to review and control information saved in your Tasker account. Your Tasker account includes:

  • Expertise
  • Skills
  • Skills upgrading in progress
  • Tasks performed
  • Tasks in progress
  • Availability
  • Personal preferences that helps us to identify your “click” (Homogility) aspects.
  • Skills

Exporting, removing & deleting your information

You can export a copy of content in your Tasker account if you want to back it up or use it with a service outside of Tasker.

Export your data

You can also request to remove content from specific Tasker services based on applicable law.

To delete your information, you can:

  • Delete your content from specific Tasker services
  • Search for and then delete specific items from your account
  • Delete specific Tasker products, including your information associated with those products
  • Delete your entire Tasker account

Sharing your information

When you share your information

Many of our services let you share information with other people who are participating in the Tasker platform, and you have control over how you share. For example, you can share the tasks you delivered, collaborations you performed or communities you participate with other members. Remember, when you share information, your content may become accessible to others and they may share the information in public domains. ArtesFAST will not be responsible or liable for such actions and potential damages and arising claims.

When you’re signed in and interact with some Tasker services, like leaving comments on a community or collaboration platform, your name and/or photo appear next to your activity. We may also display this information in other services, depending on your Shared Endorsements setting.

When ArtesFAST shares your information

We do not share your personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of ArtesFAST except in the following cases:

With your consent

We’ll share personal information outside of ArtesFAST when we have your consent. For example, for you to be matched with tasks in our platform from the businesses participating in the Tasker platform, we’ll get your permission at the time of your sign-up to the Tasker platform and before sharing your name or phone number with the business. We’ll ask for your explicit consent to share any sensitive personal information. This is a particular category of personal information relating to topics such as confidential skills, racial or ethnic origins, political or religious beliefs or sexuality.

With domain administrators

If you’re a student or work for an organization that uses Tasker services, your domain administrator and resellers who manage your account will have access to your Tasker account. They may be able to:

  • Access and retain information stored in your account, such as your email
  • View statistics regarding your account, such as how many apps you install
  • Change your account password
  • Suspend or terminate your account access
  • Receive your account information in order to satisfy applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request
  • Restrict your ability to delete or edit your information or your privacy settings

For external processing

We provide personal information to our affiliates and other trusted businesses or persons to process it for us, based on our instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. For example, we use service providers to help us with customer support. An affiliate is an entity that belongs to the ArtesFAST group of companies, including the companies that provide consumer services in the EU: ArtesFAST Ireland Limited, ArtesFAST UK Ltd, ArtesFAST Corp and Taskerme Inc.

For legal reasons

We will share personal information outside of ArtesFAST if we have a good-faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to:

  • Meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request. As with other technology and communications companies, ArtesFAST regularly receives requests from governments and courts around the world to disclose user data. Respect for the privacy and security of data that you store with ArtesFAST underpins our approach to complying with these legal requests. Our legal team reviews each and every request, regardless of type, and we frequently push back when a request appears to be overly broad or doesn’t follow the correct process. We will share information about the number and type of requests that we receive from governments regularly.
  • Enforce applicable Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violations.
  • Detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues.
  • Protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of ArtesFAST, our users or the public as required or permitted by law.

We may share non-personally identifiable information publicly and with our partners – such as businesses, developers or rights holders. This is information that is recorded about users so that it no longer reflects or refers to an individually identifiable user. For example, we share information publicly to show trends about the general use of our services.

If ArtesFAST is involved in a merger, acquisition or sale of assets, we’ll continue to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information and give affected users notice before personal information is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Keeping your information secure

We build security into our services to protect your information

All ArtesFAST products are built with strong security features that continuously protect your information. The insights we gain from maintaining our services help us detect and automatically block security threats from ever reaching you. And if we do detect something risky that we think you should know about; we’ll notify you and help guide you through steps to stay better protected.

We work hard to protect you and Tasker from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold, including:

  • We use encryption to keep your data private while in transit
  • We offer a range of security features to help you protect your account
  • We review our information collection, storage and processing practices, including physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our systems
  •  We restrict access to personal information to ArtesFAST employees, contractors and agents who need that information in order to process it. Anyone with this access is subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.

Exporting & deleting your information

You can export a copy of your information or delete it from your Tasker Account at any time

You can export a copy of content in your Tasker Account if you want to back it up or use it with a service outside of Tasker.

To delete your information, you can:

  • Delete your content from specific Tasker services
  •  Delete specific Tasker products, including your information associated with those products
  •  Delete your entire Tasker Account

Retaining your information

We retain the data that we collect for different periods of time depending on what it is, how we use it and how you configure your settings:

  •  Some data you can delete whenever you like, such as your skills and availability.
  •  Other data is deleted or anonymized automatically after a set period of time, such as community participation in server logs.
  •  We keep some data until you delete your Tasker Account, such as information about how often you use our services.
  •  And some data we retain for longer periods of time when necessary for legitimate business or legal purposes, such as security, fraud and abuse prevention, or financial record-keeping.

When you delete data, we follow a deletion process to make sure that your data is safely and completely removed from our servers or retained only in anonymized form. We try to ensure that our services protect information from accidental or malicious deletion. Because of this, there may be delays between when you delete something and when copies are deleted from our active and backup systems.

Compliance & cooperation with regulators

We regularly review this Privacy Policy and make sure that we process your information in ways that comply with it.

Data transfers

Your information may be processed on servers located outside of the country where you live. Data protection laws vary among countries, with some providing more protection than others. Regardless of where your information is processed, we apply the same protections described in this policy. We also comply with certain legal frameworks relating to the transfer of data, such as the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks.

When we receive formal written complaints, we respond by contacting the person who made the complaint. We work with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any complaints regarding the transfer of your data that we cannot resolve with you directly.

European requirements

If European Union (EU) data protection law applies to the processing of your information, we provide the controls described in this policy so you can exercise your right to request access to, update, remove, and restrict the processing of your information. You also have the right to object to the processing of your information or export your information to another service.

We process your information for the purposes described in this policy, based on the following legal grounds:

With your consent

We ask for your agreement to process your information for specific purposes and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. For example, we ask for your consent to provide you with personalized services, such as ads based on your interests. We also ask for your consent to collect your voice and audio activity for speech recognition.

When we’re pursuing legitimate interests

We process your information for our legitimate interests while applying appropriate safeguards such as anonymizing your data or encrypt the data to ensure it can’t be linked to other information about you that protect your privacy. This means that we process your information for things such as:

  •  Providing, maintaining and improving our services to meet the needs of our users
  •  Developing new products and features that are useful for our users
  • Understanding how people use our services to ensure and improve the performance of our services. For example, we analyze how people interact with each other in the communities and collaboration platforms to improve the performance of our services.
  • Customizing our services to provide you with a better user experience 
  • Marketing to inform users about our services
  • Detecting, preventing or otherwise addressing fraud, abuse, security or technical issues with our services
  • Protecting against harm to the rights, property or safety of ArtesFAST, our users or the public as required or permitted by law, including disclosing information to government authorities
  • Performing research that improves our services for our users and benefits the public
  • Fulfilling obligations to our partners like developers and rights holders
  • Enforcing legal claims, including investigation of potential violations of applicable Terms of Service

When we’re providing a service

We process your data to provide a service you’ve asked for under a contract. For example, we process your payment information when you buy a value-added service.

When we’re complying with legal obligations

We’ll process your data when we have a legal obligation to do so, for example, if we’re responding to legal process or an enforceable governmental request. As with other technology and communications companies, ArtesFAST regularly receives requests from governments and courts around the world to disclose user data. Respect for the privacy and security of data that you store with ArtesFAST underpins our approach to complying with these legal requests. Our legal team reviews each and every request, regardless of type, and we frequently push back when a request appears to be overly broad or doesn’t follow the correct process.

About this policy

When this policy applies

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the services offered by ArtesFAST B.V. and its affiliates. An affiliate is a company or agency belong to ArtesFAST Group. This Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to services that have separate privacy policies that do not incorporate this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to:

  • The information practices of other companies and organizations that advertise our services
  • Services offered by other companies or individuals, including products or sites that may include ArtesFAST services, be displayed to you in search results, or be linked from our services

Changes to this policy

We change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We always indicate the date when the last changes were published and we offer access to archived versions for your review. If changes are significant, we’ll provide a more prominent notice (including, for certain services, email notification of Privacy Policy changes

Privacy Policy related to Tasker for Engineers App

ArtesFAST BV built the Tasker app as a Free app. This SERVICE is provided by ArtesFAST BV at no cost and is intended for use as is.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service.

If you choose to use our Service, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the Service. We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, which is accessible at Tasker unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection and Use

For a better experience, while using our Service, we may require you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information, including but not limited to First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Address(Phone Number and Address are non-mandatory fields and user provides based on own discretion). The information that we request will be retained by us and used as described in this privacy policy.

The app does use third party services that may collect information used to identify you.

Link to privacy policy of third party service providers used by the app

Log Data

We want to inform you that whenever you use our Service, in a case of an error in the app we collect data and information (through third party products) on your phone called Log Data. This Log Data may include information such as your device Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, device name, operating system version, the configuration of the app when utilizing our Service, the time and date of your use of the Service, and other statistics.


Cookies are files with a small amount of data that are commonly used as anonymous unique identifiers. These are sent to your browser from the websites that you visit and are stored on your device’s internal memory.

This Service does not use these “cookies” explicitly. However, the app may use third party code and libraries that use “cookies” to collect information and improve their services. You have the option to either accept or refuse these cookies and know when a cookie is being sent to your device. If you choose to refuse our cookies, you may not be able to use some portions of this Service.

Service Providers

We may employ third-party companies and individuals due to the following reasons:

  • To facilitate our Service;
  • To provide the Service on our behalf;
  • To perform Service-related services; or
  • To assist us in analyzing how our Service is used.

We want to inform users of this Service that these third parties have access to your Personal Information. The reason is to perform the tasks assigned to them on our behalf. However, they are obligated not to disclose or use the information for any other purpose.


We value your trust in providing us your Personal Information, thus we are striving to use commercially acceptable means of protecting it. But remember that no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure and reliable, and we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Links to Other Sites

This Service may contain links to other sites. If you click on a third-party link, you will be directed to that site. Note that these external sites are not operated by us. Therefore, we strongly advise you to review the Privacy Policy of these websites. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party sites or services.

Children’s Privacy

These Services do not address anyone under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age. In the case we discover that a child under 13 has provided us with personal information, we immediately delete this from our servers. If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us so that we will be able to do necessary actions.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Thus, you are advised to review this page periodically for any changes. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page.

This policy is effective as of 2021-05-20

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at