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The best side hustles for engineers to make extra money

Jacintha Verdegaal

Who would say no to making some extra money? Whether you’re a freelance engineer, student or have a full-time job, it’s easy to use your knowledge and skills to work on some lucrative side hustles for engineers. 

Working on tasks is the best side hustle for engineers

The gig economy is perfect for engineers. You can use your expertise, know exactly what deliverable is expected, when it needs to be ready and how much you’ll get paid. Plus there’s usually some flexibility in terms of where you do the work, which means you could do it from home if you want. 

In addition to making extra money on the side, tasks are also a great way to use your technical skills and knowledge in a different industry. As a result it offers opportunities that you’re not getting in your day job. If you’re thinking of changing jobs at some point, this new experience could help you land that dream job. 

Platforms like Tasker help you get engineering tasks with high-tech companies that are looking for your skills. 

Start teaching as a side hustle and share your engineering knowledge

Education is one of the fastest-growing industries. So why not consider teaching as a side gig? Now that most of us are unable to work outside our home environment, it could be a great side hustle for engineers looking to work around the pandemic. With remote tools and platforms like Udemy or Teachable it’s easy to set up and teach classes, whether it’s one-on-one or to a larger audience looking to brush up on their knowledge.

Make small-batch products and sell them online

When you think outside the box, there’s so much more you can do with your engineering skills! It is not uncommon for engineers to create boutique products, which they sell directly to consumers. That way you take advantage of your background while doing something creative and fun. You could try your hand at 3D-printing products if you have a knack for design. There are platforms that enable you to set up online shops which makes it an ideal side income.

Offer consulting services

Many engineers go the freelance consulting route, working on a project-by-project basis for a nice side hustle. This is a great way to supplement your mainstream income. And you’ll enjoy additional benefits such as widening your professional network.

Create online engineering content for passive income

Are you a good with words and do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Why not start a blog or YouTube channel? It can be about engineering or any other topic you’re passionate about. And who knows, your future employer might ‘discover’ you through your content. 

Be aware that making money from content creation doesn’t happen overnight. The trick is to consistently create quality content. Eventually this can generate a nice passive income from ads, affiliate links or sponsored content. 

Other side hustles for engineers

These side hustle ideas for engineers are just the beginning of what you can do to make some extra money. No matter what engineering field you work in, there are many people and companies eager to make use of your specific knowledge and expertise (and willing to pay for it).

Have you found a great side gig for engineers that we haven’t mentioned yet? Please share it in the comments!

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