Next Time, Don’t Blame Your HR: Understanding the Importance of Task Precision

Sivakumar M.S.

In the fast-paced world of engineering projects, it is common for managers to blame HR when they believe they haven’t been provided with the right engineers. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the responsibility for assembling the right team lies not solely with HR, but also with the managers themselves. How can engineering managers take control of the situation and ensure they have the right engineers on board to drive successful project execution?

Taking responsibility: Understanding the importance of Task Precision  

As an engineering manager, it’s common to face challenges when it comes to assembling the right team for a specific task. Often, managers tend to place the blame on the Human Resources (HR) department for not providing them with the ideal engineers. However, before pointing fingers, it is crucial to understand that the responsibility lies not solely with HR, but also with the engineering managers themselves. By taking a proactive approach and investing time in understanding the task at hand, managers can ensure they have a deep understanding of the required domain expertise, skill mastery, and knowledge needed to successfully accomplish the task

What went wrong? Blaming vs Self-Reflection 

When projects fall short of expectations, it’s easy to blame HR for not providing the right engineers. However, before casting blame, engineering managers should reflect on their own understanding of the task. Did they take the time to thoroughly analyze and break down the requirements? Did they communicate the precise domain expertise and skill set required to HR effectively? By self-reflecting and evaluating their own approach, managers can identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps towards finding the right engineers

Breaking It Down: The Key to Finding the Right Engineer

One of the critical factors in building a successful team is a deep understanding of the task itself. Engineering managers should invest time in comprehending the intricacies of the project, breaking it down into precise requirements, and identifying the specific domain knowledge and expertise needed. By doing so, they gain clarity on the skills and capabilities required to achieve the desired outcomes. With a well-defined task breakdown, managers can more effectively communicate their needs to HR and other platforms.

Is Internal Hiring Enough? Exploring Tasker 

While internal hiring is a common practice, it may limit the chances of finding the right engineer with the exact skill set needed for a particular task. This is where platforms like come into play. These platforms offer access to a vast network of skilled professionals from various domains and backgrounds. By leveraging such platforms, engineering managers can broaden their horizons and tap into a diverse talent pool to find the perfect match for their specific task.

Tasker Platform: A Solution to Broaden Your Talent Pool

The Tasker Platform enables managers to post detailed task descriptions, specifying the exact requirements and expertise desired. The platform’s algorithm then matches these tasks with engineers who possess the necessary skills and experience, ensuring a more efficient and accurate selection process. With this approach, managers can avoid the frustration of assigning tasks to engineers who may not have the required proficiency, ultimately leading to subpar results.

Matching Skills with Needs: Leveraging Algorithmic Precision

With the Tasker Platform’s algorithmic precision, engineering managers can be confident that the engineers assigned to their tasks possess the precise domain expertise, skill mastery, and knowledge required. By effectively communicating the task requirements and leveraging the platform’s matching capabilities, managers can ensure they find the ideal engineer who fits the project’s needs like a glove.

Buying Tasks: The Benefits of Flexibility and Cost-Efficiency

Opting to “buy a task” through platforms like brings several advantages. Firstly, it offers flexibility in terms of resource allocation. With the rapid evolution of technology and project requirements, some tasks may only require short-term commitments. By utilizing the Tasker Platform, managers can quickly onboard skilled engineers on a project basis, adapting to changing needs without the long-term commitment and overhead costs associated with hiring permanent employees.

Accessing Specialized Expertise: Going Beyond Internal Resources

Sometimes, a project may demand a unique skill set or knowledge that is not readily available within the existing team. Instead of settling for compromises or inadequate solutions, engineering managers can leverage.

Can you afford to overlook the precision of task requirements and continue blaming HR for not providing the right engineers?

Take charge of your projects and explore the possibilities offered by today.

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