2023 in Review, Tasker’s pioneering year in Engineering Freelancing

Anand Ramachandran

As we bid farewell to 2023, it is an opportune moment to reflect on the extraordinary year in engineering freelancing, particularly on the Tasker platform. This year has witnessed an unprecedented surge in opportunities for mechanical and electrical engineers, showcasing their skills and expertise on a platform synonymous with innovation. Join us as we delve into noteworthy projects, cutting-edge software tools employed, and the evolution of time tracking within the dynamic landscape of Tasker.

1. Product Design & Development   

In 2023, freelance engineers on Tasker spearheaded challenging projects in product design and development across diverse industries. Leveraging tools like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Fusion 360, they crafted intricate 3D models, delivered detailed design documentation, and brought innovative products to life.

2. CAD Modeling & Drafting 

Specialists in CAD modeling and drafting embarked on creative endeavors, employing tools such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and CATIA. The year witnessed the creation of detailed technical drawings, 3D renderings, and complex model simulations, showcasing the depth of talent on Tasker.

3. Simulation & Testing

Engineers working on prototypes utilized cutting-edge tools like MATLAB, ANSYS, and LabVIEW to conduct simulations and tests. The outcomes included detailed test reports, innovative prototype designs, and comprehensive performance analysis documentation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

4. Technical Writing 

The art of technical writing flourished on Tasker in 2023, work of precision such as User manuals, Installation guides, and Product specifications were delivered to leading edge technical companies.  

5. Project Management 

The machinery industry benefited by the depth of project management skills from Tasker. Freelance engineers utilized specialized tools like Siemens PLM Software (Teamcenter), Dassault Systèmes (ENOVIA), and PTC Windchill. Complex machinery projects thrived with streamlined collaboration, efficient document management, and comprehensive project plans, marking a profitable year for the industry.

6. Consulting 

2023 saw a surge in consulting engagements delivered on Tasker, where experts provided invaluable guidance on topics ranging from ATEX to Materials Research, Semiconductor design & intricate Electrical Cabinet design. Advanced tools like ANSYS Mechanical and materials-specific software like MatWeb as well as EPlan were utilized, resulting in strategic recommendations, comprehensive materials research reports, and guidance on optimal technical applications.

In conclusion: 

In this transformative year, freelancing in the hardware engineering field on Tasker revealed dynamic possibilities. The right mix of skills, software tools, and a flexible billing approach propelled freelance engineers to navigate this terrain successfully.

As we look back, these professionals delivered high-quality results, forged lasting client relationships, and contributed to the evolution of freelancing on the Tasker platform.

By taking away the burden of many administrative chores, Tasker responded to the needs of its freelancers in 2023. We also embarked on developing a dedicated time capturing and approval feature that will set the stage for a more efficient and transparent future. This feature will be coming shortly to both freelance engineers & businesses. Watch this space for upcoming details.

Here’s to a year of achievements and to what lies ahead in 2024! 🚀

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