Matched 2 days after joining Tasker

Jacintha Verdegaal

Like a matchmaker who receives a wedding invitation from the people she brought together, we also cannot get enough of our own matching success stories. When we introduce an engineer to a company and they excitingly start to solve the challenge within the first five minutes before even introducing themselves, we know we’ve done a good job. 

Carlos Rodriguez, an experienced product development engineer with a background in mechanical engineering, found himself in transition phase. “I wanted more responsibilities and manage tasks within my domain of expertise.” 

The right place at the right time

“Finding a suitable job is often a matter of being at the right place at the right time, so I shared my profile with as many recruiting companies as possible.” After learning about Tasker on LinkedIn, he decided to create a Tasker profile as well. A smart move, because only two days later we called him about an opportunity he’d be perfect for. 

Quick and personal approach

“Working with Tasker is completely different from my experience with other platforms or recruiting companies.” Most of the time it takes a long time before you hear back from them, if you hear back from them at all. “The personal approach from Tasker, that they got in touch straight away and showed so much trust in me, really made a difference.”

“At Tasker they’re genuinely interested in you and your profile. Making sure that you’re not only being matched based on your background, but that your motivation and what drives you also matches with the company.”

Doing what you want to do

Despite receiving other offers at the same time, the match with AFA Dispensing was obvious for both sides as soon as they met. “Tasker saw my potential and understood that my profile was exactly what AFA Dispensing needed. But also that it would enable me to do what I had been looking for.”

Even though Tasker normally matches engineers with tasks or short-term projects, AFA Dispensing offered Carlos a permanent contract. For us it feels like receiving that wedding invitation, knowing that we found the perfect match who will be doing amazing, innovative things together in the future.  

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