Design special aluminium bottle sealing surface remote task for mechanical engineer

Design a special bottle sealing surface

Create a special sealing interface for an aluminium bottle design.

  • Field
    Mechanical engineering
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  • Seniority level
    9-12 years
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Task description

A company specialized in designing and manufacturing high end consumer goods is looking to create a special sealing interface for a bottle design. The bottle will be designed in aluminium in different sizes and the interface will have the common special design as part of their brand identity.


Design the special sealing interface.

  • Design a tooling that can create the interface on 0.9mm aluminium cylindrical shape.
  • Make an estimate of the costs for creating an intermediate tooling and final steel tooling that can create 1 million pieces a year.


The deliverables are the design drawing of the tooling with GD&T sent to the customer in SolidWorks, 3 samples of the special sealing feature and a quotation for designing and creating the final tooling.

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Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

Consumer durables
Mechanical design
Mechanical Engineering
Tooling design

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