Create PCB design and layout for game console accessory electronics engineer

Create PCB design and layout of game console accessory

Design and create a manufacturable layout of the PCB for the handheld accessories of a game console.

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    Electronics engineering
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  • Seniority level
    3-6 Yrs
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Task description

A major sub-contractor of a game console manufacturer is looking for electronics design engineers to design and create a manufacturable layout of the PCB for the handheld accessories of the console.

The design needs to be compliant to the power and volume budget specified by the console maker and needs to be qualified against the electro magnetic interference standards.


Create the electronic design to realize the functionalities.

  • Create the required PCB (combination of flexible and multi-layer rigid)
  • Do component selection
  • Create a compliant layout for the PCB optimized for space budget and manufacturability.


The deliverables are the necessary engineering documentation of the design, layout constraints, test reports, PCB engineering files ready to be transferred to the manufacturer, and quality documentation such as Design FMEA, Process FMEA, etc.

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Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

Altium designer
Consumer electronics
Electronics design
PCBA design

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