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General questions about Tasker

Do you have any questions about working with Tasker? Please check the FAQ below or our Help page to see if we can answer them directly.

What makes Tasker different from other platforms is that we don’t use job boards with available projects or tasks. Instead, we will contact you when we’ve shortlisted you for a task based on the match with the skills and expertise required.

You don’t need a lot of work experience to sign up. If you’re a graduate student in engineering or other relevant field of study, you can already work on tasks via Tasker. The challenges that companies need help with require different degrees of experience. So whether you’re finishing your education or are a seasoned professional, there’s always a task for you.


Joining Tasker is free. So sign up today!

There’s no need to be available all the time. In fact, you decide when you want to work by sharing your availability – as in the number of hours per week - in your profile.

When you sign up Tasker analyses the information you provide, resulting in a ‘skills passport’ that tells us what you are great at. We do the same with the tasks to get to the key skill sets needed to solve the issue. If your skills passport matches with the skill set needed and you’re available to complete the task in time, we will shortlist you for the task. The client makes the final decision from the shortlist.