Solve data transfer speed issues full stack developer

Solve data transfer speed issues

Identify the sources of speed loss and re-program the data structure to solve the data transfer speed issues.

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    Data science
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    3-6 years
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Task description

A company specialized in the service of release testing, environmental testing and life testing of equipment is using a specialized third-party software for the capacity planning of their test assets. The present system is constrained due to the speed of data transfer between the server and the third-party system.

To solve this transfer speed problem, the customer is looking for a full stack developer to analyze the present data structure and transmission protocol, identify the sources of speed loss and re-program the data structure.


Analyze the present state, the data structure and communication protocols between the system and the server. Identify the parameters in the data transfer protocols that slows the process. And troubleshoot the system.


The deliverable is a system that is working at the speed it is designed for, documentation of the analysis, root cause analysis and parameters altered, and the test results of the data transfer speed assessment.

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