Eco friendly packaging material expert task for mechanical engineer

Advise on eco friendly packaging materials

Research and advise the development engineers and managers on eco friendly packaging materials.

  • Field
    Mechanical engineering
  • Location
  • Seniority level
    9-12 years
  • Task budget
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Task description

A packaging design, development and service delivery company wants reduce their carbon footprint by making their packaging materials more eco friendly.

The task for a mechanical engineer with material expertise is to research and advise the development engineers and managers on environmentally friendly packaging materials.


Study the present packaging materials sent to the customers of the company. Survey and conduct research for finding materials with higher environmental effectiveness, without compromising the mechanical and structural properties as well as cost.

Creating the prototype manufacturing for the new material and managing the qualification of the new packaging materials with the lead customers will be the extension of the task once the first phase is successfully concluded.

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Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

Industrial equipment
Materials science
Packaging engineering

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