ERP system configuration and integration expert task for computer science engineer

Configure and integrate ERP system

Reconfigure the ERP system and integrate the datalink with the central control unit.

  • Field
    Computer science
  • Location
  • Seniority level
    3-6 years
  • Task budget
  • Website
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Task description

An equipment development and manufacturing company wants to integrate an ERP system to their product so that their customers can maximize the use of the equipment, and they will get insights about its usage.

For this they would like an ERP system expert to reconfigure the ERP system and integrate the datalink with a central system with meaningful performance indicators.

With this improvement the customer will be able to plan the maintenance time and improve the availability of the equipment for their customers.


Assess the ERP system and the key performance indicators needed by the customers and company. Reconfigure the ERP system and integrate it with the central control unit.

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Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

Engineering service
ERP systems
IT infrastructure

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